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Looking for english speaking babysitter/nurse/or justfamily

Where do your kids go to school? How do you learn French?
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Looking for english speaking babysitter/nurse/or justfamily

Post Posted: Tue Jun 17, 2014 1:53 pm


is anyone interested in taking care of a 3years old girl after school (or else) in Senlis?

We are a french family with a new born baby and a little girl and would appreciate to meet an english speaking family for activities (children playing together? etc.).
We would be very happy if moreover we could have an english speaking poeple that would like to take care of our daugther on monday, tuesday, thursday, friday after school (ideally in our house).

We are very open to discuss price, schedule, exchange (we could help in french, take care of your children and "teach" french ) , etc.



Re: Looking for english speaking babysitter/nurse/or justfam

Post Posted: Thu Jul 31, 2014 6:46 pm

Dear Caroline

I am an English 45 year old lady and have just moved to Senlis due to my partners job. I am a registered nurse with all of the securities checks etc. I currently go back to the UK twice a month for a week to work as a nurse, therefore I can not commit myself to anything full time or permanent. However, I am looking to do some volunteering work in my spare time. I would be happy to do some free baby sitting on an adhoc basis if required.

My French is very limited as we did not plan to move to France, and therefore did not have time to start getting lessons. If you know of any one or French class here in Senlis or Chantilly, I would be very grateful for your help or advice.

Many Thanks for reading this.

Ashley Wright




Re: Looking for english speaking babysitter/nurse/or justfamily

Post Posted: Fri Aug 08, 2014 7:53 am

Hi Ashely,
Welcome to the area!
Are you here for a while or short term?
If you are looking for french lessons, then you could enrol at the `centre `culturelle in Chantilly, which is next door to the library. There are all levels so you could either do a beginner or intermediate. ``i think the teacher tests you first to see which class would be best. Or if you would rather have private lessons then you could contact Christel on christel.bkd @ gmail.com.
As far as babysitting is concerned, I can email out to the community giving them your contact details. Just email me on vanessa @ chantillyexpat.com
if you enjoy Pilates, do contact Cheryl on nckk @ aol.com ( english speaking classes). She lives between Chantilly and Senlis.
Does you partner play cricket, do feel free to look up the details on this site and turn up to one of the matches, a great way of meeting people.
I am at home here this week ( 20 mintues from Senlis) but we leave on the 20th. If you fancy a coffee anytime before the 20th, do come over ( I am currently recovering from a broken ankle so cannot drive) but if not possible, we can meet up in September. I am very interested in how you commute as a nurse!
Hope this helps, August is always a quiet month but everyone comes back in time for September.
Hope to hear rom you, rgds Vanessa


Vanessa Powell

Site Admin
Site Admin
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