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Event The Lazy Writers Club in Senlis
Thu Jul 11, 2019
Event The Lazy Writers Club in Senlis
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Event The Lazy Writers Club in Senlis
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Event The Lazy Writers Club in Senlis

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The great question... which I have not been able to answer... is, 'What does a woman want?'

-- Sigmund Freud

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“Personal Values and Cultural Adaptation”

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“Personal Values and Cultural Adaptation”

Soumis par: webmaster à Vendredi Juillet 13, 2012 (11:44:17)   (1934 Lectures)
Maureen Bridget Rabotin
Maureen Bridget Rabotin
Session 4

Topic: “Personal Values and Cultural Adaptation”

Presenter: Maureen Bridget Rabotin

This session was an interactive workshop to increase self-awareness and better understand what triggers your emotional reactions. An opportunity to learn how to culturally re-appraise situations to enable you to be at your best, to take cultural differences in stride and laugh at situations which could have led to misunderstandings.

Maureen Bridget Rabotin, author of Culture Savvy, is an American mother of two who was sent to France with her family for 3 months in 1979 and ended up staying. She has gone from professional to raising her children and then back to the corporate world at the French Ministry of Education. From there Maureen became an IFC-certified Global Executive Coach and Cross Cultural Training Consultant.

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