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A Quiz for Geeks

Posted by: Denzil on Sunday March 17, 2013 (16:02:37)   (1703 Reads)
One of our intrepid cyclists has been so taken by this event that he is considering getting an anorak!! He (Nick Jones, of course) has come up with a set of intriguing questions, the answer to which may come as somewhat of a surprise. Look at the following questions, and see what you think the answer is. I will post the answers in the next couple of weeks...

1) Which four mountains surround the town of Annecy?
2) Cycling at 30kph how much of the effort is being used to overcome air resistance? 30% , 65% or 90%?
3) Between Chantilly and Annecy how far do you expect to climb? More than 2000 meters, more than 3000 meters or more than 5000 meters?
4) Which is greater, the climb to Annecy or the climb from sea level to the top of Everest?
5) Is the height of Everest increasing or decreasing?
6) How much power is needed for an average person to cycle at 30kph on a flat road? 100W, 200W, 300W?
7) How many calories do you burn riding for an hour at that speed?
Cool Annecy is twinned to which UK town? (Please note that the smiley face is not deliberate - apparently the number 8 makes the computer smile!!)
9) Which is nearer, Cheltenham or Annecy?
10) How much more effort do you need to make cycling on the hoods versus on the drops? 2%, 10% or 25%?
11) Who is the stronger cyclist, Sir Chris Hoy or Mark Cavendish?
12) How many calories does a typical TdF winner like Alberto Contador burn climbing Alpe d’Huez. 100, 1000, 1500 ?
13) What is Herbularium du Morvan, a setting from Lord of the Rings, a mediaeval place for growing pot or botanical garden in the Morvan region of France?
14) How much harder do you need to pedal at 30kph in a fleece than in lycra? 1%, 2% or 12%?

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