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Lille vs CCC

Match Reports 2013

Lille vs CCC

Posted by: webmaster on Monday July 01, 2013 (08:04:12)   (3231 Reads)
Jardin Mosaïc in the Parc de la Deûle, Lille
Jardin Mosaïc in the Parc de la Deûle, Lille
…And gentlemen in Chantilly now-a-bed shall think themselves accurs'd they were not here… in Lille for another fine victory for Chantilly Cricket Club.

It’s been a while since CCC travelled to the Jardin Mosaïc in the Parc de la Deûle. In fact, it was Lille CC’s first ever game and Chantilly could only muster 4 players that day – so Lille invited another team from Belgium to help out. And the last time we were here, the track was a flix wicket. This time is was a grass wicket: a grass wicket in the small English village sense with the odd weed and bump to be wary of as a batter, and maybe to aim at as a bowler.

It’s not easy to find a team to travel so far and Chantilly needed the help from a couple of Creil players (Ajmal and Arif) to make up their numbers. And yet, despite a long walk with the kit bags, it really is a very pleasant place to play cricket.
Both sides decided they would like to take a look at the batting conditions from the bowling and fielding end of things, but Chantilly lost the toss (as is their way) and had to bat first. This was a 30 over game with a maximum 6 overs per bowler.

Oakley opened with Patriva but lost his partner at the end of the 2nd over: caught to a mistimed pull. Hoyle stepped up and the 2 batsmen steadily built a useful base. Batting conditions were not easy with the odd shooter and the odd ball that lifted unexpectedly, but there were enough full tosses and wider balls to keep things ticking over. And to the immense frustration of Dethoor, the Lille keeper, there were a lot of quick singles to be snatched as well.

Hoyle smacked the ball for 1 six, but departed shortly afterwards for 20 with the score on 49 and 14 overs down – as I say, steady.

Pretsell in at 4, ran a few singles but was out immediately after the drinks break, caught for 4. Shaban Muhammad, Chantilly’s star player from the previous week didn’t last long either – again mistiming a pull and being caught.
The score was creeping up though and the scoring rate had started to accelerate.

Oakley was out bowled in the end for 38 to a straight full toss (heaving across the line) and could have easily been out earlier to the same shot when the ball, first time around, was judged too high by umpire Heard.

Proving that you don’t have to be big to hit the ball a long way, Ajmal, Chantilly’s first import from Creil, showed that he could adapt well to this very non-artificial wicket. He went on to score a valuable 33 not out and maintained Chantilly’s momentum through the latter stages of the innings.

Patrick Clarke also kept up with the pace, with 3 nice shots for his 12 including a sweetly-timed 6. The demise of Clarke, caught F. Jiffry, bowled A. Jiffry brought Jean François Ripoche to the crease.

His captain had mentioned to him that with only 5 overs to go and with a few wickets behind him, he might like to hit the ball hard, if he felt so inclined. His first ball was slightly short in pitch and was heading towards his pads. The bat swung and the ball disappeared far into the trees somewhere between mid-on and mid-wicket. Had there been cows watching the game, that’s exactly where they would have been standing, if you know what I mean. Jean François’ first six for the club was probably the most popular shot of the day! He gathered a few more singles before being bowled for 12, which we think is also his highest score.

With only 2 overs to go Arif came in to bring the Creil pair together. The last over was particularly satisfying with 12 scored and a 6 from Arif off the last ball.

Teas were taken with Chantilly feeling particularly confident with 169 for 7.

Hoyle and Richardson opened the bowling for CCC. At the Hoyle end things were, as always, extremely tight. Even though Hoyle didn’t pick up a wicket, his 4 overs were 4 maidens, with only a few byes slipping past keeper Jack Oakley. To be fair to Jack, the variable bounce didn’t make life easy behind the stumps either and he would have had to have been an octopus to cover all possible trajectories. Nevertheless, the batsmen couldn’t get the ball away and the pressure began to build.

At the vegetable patch end, Richardson pitched the ball a little too short and paid the price with 10 runs off his first over. As if looking for an excuse (- not necessary, Robin: I was looking forward to that 2nd over…), he had to go and look for a contact lens at the back of his eye socket, which required Shaban Muhammad to take over his bowling duties.
Lille’s Maxime Parent provided some early impetus for the home team with 10. Other than him though, it was only Lapacas who threatened to turn the game Lille’s way. Lapacas scored 24 and looked very capable of scoring a lot more.

Maybe it was due to a little extra pace from the Chantilly bowlers, or the better line, but they were frequently getting the Lille batsmen into problems – problems in the shape of a hard ball that searched out the batsmen’s soft, fleshy parts and even hard crunchy parts – to such an extent that a nurse even came on and berated the Chantilly players for hurting Lille’s juniors. Shaban was particularly proficient at finding the lumps and bumps in the wicket and raising extra lumps and bumps on the opposition.

Back at the pavilion end, Hoyle was replaced by Patrick Clarke and club records were about to be rewritten. It’s true that the wicket helped, and it’s true that the Lille batsmen were under pressure to score. However, Clarke’s line was straight and true and wickets fell like skittles. The cruellest Clarke wicket was that of the Lille captain, Alfar Jiffry who received an unplayable shooter (- ask Denzil how difficult those are to keep out). However, instead of walking, he claimed a no-ball. The umpires were a little baffled by this new type of appeal and after a minute or so told him to be on his way.

In his 4 overs Clarke accumulated 6 wickets for only 13 runs. With the type of cricket we play, this is a record that will stand for quite a while.

Well bowled Arif as well, who picked up 2 wickets with his 4 overs of medium quick left arm seam; and who was surprisingly quick for someone I understood was going to bowl spin!

The end of the game was a formality – the heart of the Lille innings had been ripped out and there was far too much for them to do in too few overs. After only 18.1 overs the final wicket fell with Lille on only 75.

For those with 10 minutes to spare, there was a cool drink available in the café/bar on the way back to the car park – a just reward after such a comprehensive victory.

By the way, my daughter insisted that from now on, we should include a special/different/odd word in each match report. She says there’s a beer in it, for whoever picks it out, although it’s not clear who’s paying.
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