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Well Done to our Super Smart Students!

Posted by: webmaster on Monday August 23, 2010 (18:53:59)
APARC 2010 Exam Results
APARC 2010 Exam Results
Once again our students have excelled in their end of year exams. This year we have two sets of results to boast about! Firstly, our OIB (Option International Baccalaureate) students all passed their BACs with flying colours – special praise to Manon Lewis and Damien Jacobee who both attained a “mention tres bien”. All the students got the necessary grades to pursue their studies at the universities of their choice.

Secondly, all our IGCSE students gained excellent results in both First Language English and English Literature. Kenzie Jones, Lucy Findlay and Vinca Montmeat all achieved double A* grades – the highest level possible. In total, eleven out of the seventeen Language students attained an A grade, seven of those being A*! Six of our nine Literature students got an A grade with the remaining three receiving a B grade.

It only remains for me to thank students, parents and teachers for all their hard work and effort over the course of the two years – APARC always has been and always will be about teamwork as these results prove!

Susan Oakley
Head teacher


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