Match Reports 2015

CCC vs Band of Brothers

Posted by: webmaster on Monday May 25, 2015 (13:03:19)
CCC vs Band of Brothers (touring team from Kent, England) - 3/5/15

Due to the on-going global financial crisis, the 2015 CCC match reports may be a little briefer than in previous seasons. We apologise for any inconvenience.

CCC wins! Having lost all matches during the 2014 season, CCC began the 2015 season with a huge form reversal. Détails of the match have been hard to come by, but it is understood that the two new players, Jérôme and Jon, enjoyed their first outing for the club, and the three St Brice ringers were more than useful, helping CCC to reach their first victory since 2013. Apparantly, most CCC players were rather rusty after the winter break, but were happy to start off the new season on a positive note.


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