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CCC vs British Embassy

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Well it was raining
Well it was raining
The forecast for this match had looked grim for several days leading up to the weekend, so it was no surprise that the players arrived in Apremont unsure of whether a game could be played or not.

As it happened, the entire first innings was completed without any rain delays at all, just some light drizzle to contend with. The CCC players were perhaps hoping for the rain to come straight away however, as the British Embassy got off to a great start. Their run rate quickly reached over 7 an over, with Praneeth looking very comortable in the middle as usual. The odd wicket fell, but by the half way mark, the Embassy already had 100 and were only 3 or 4 wickets down.

As with the previous match, Chantilly found their bowling form in the second half of the innings, as wickets started to tumble. The Embassy batsmen began struggling to get the ball away, and suddenly they were no longer looking at a total of over 200. In the end, they were all out for 168. A good comeback by CCC, but still a daunting total for their depleted batting line up to chase down.

So, it was time for teas (provided by Stuart and Matt from the Embassy) and it was also time for rain. It came down hard, and players and supporters were soon in their cars following the gripping test between NZ and England. After a lengthy break, the two captains (Jimmy and Stuart) met to dicuss how the match could be completed. It was decided that 20 overs would be bowled, with a reduced target of 120.

The Chantilly openers began well, getting themselves nicely settled, before the wickets started to fall in an all too familiar fashion. Plenty of batsmen looked comfortable, and the bowling attack was about as gentle as they come, but no one could really build an innings. The wet conditions and the high required run rate didn't help, and in the end, CCC fell well short; all out for 49.

At the end of the match, there was already talk of another fixture in September, which CCC will surely be very keen on using as an opportunity to remind The British Embassy, that on our day, (preferably one without rain) we can beat anyone.

ps. Apologies for the lack of names and d├ętails in this report. We didn't have a scorebook for this fixture, I never got to look at the Embassy's scorebook after the match, and I haven't received a copies of the scorebook pages from the Embassy. I just hope I got the totals right at least!
Well it was raining

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