Match Reports 2015

CCC vs Standard

Posted by: webmaster on Monday June 22, 2015 (10:01:47)

It was a Sunday afternoon on the 14th of June when the Standard Athletic Club drove to the Chantilly Cricket Club ground for a 35 over match against Chantilly. Although this was a friendly match Chantilly were eager to win as they have had lost the previous match against Standard last year by only a dozen runs. The visiting side won the toss and decided to bat first.

The weather was extremely hot, with the sun shining intensely on the fielders as they set out into the field. Eddy Hoyle and Patrick Clarke opened the bowling for the CCC. For the first few overs Chantilly kept the run rate pretty low, with Eddy getting a wicket at the end of his sixth over for a total of 9 runs. Patrick bowled his first 5 overs before being replaced by Jimmy Regan. Jimmy kept the runs pretty tight as well; conceding 11 runs in 4 overs with one LBW. Adrian Powell followed on from Eddy when he had bowled all of his overs, for a change of pace. Unfortunately Adrian couldn't repeat his spell from the last outing and his 2 overs went for 25 runs before being replaced by Robin Richardson. With Balaji replacing Jimmy Chantilly were keen to get some wickets. Robin kept Standard on a tight leash in terms of runs, after bowling all of his overs for just 21 runs, and getting one wicket which Jimmy caught. After Balaji bowled 4 overs for 39 runs and with one LBW, Savaranan replaced him getting 3 wickets for just 21 runs. Patrick and Jimmy came back to bowl the last 3 overs with Patrick getting a super wicket that took out the middle stump. One run out was also bagged in the last three overs. In the end, Standard scored a total of 200 runs with one wicket remaining.

The excellent teas were provided by the Clarkes which included some good egg sandwiches, better cup cakes and flapjacks. The bakewell tarts weren't bad either!

Chantilly went in to bat with Balaji and Dominic opening. We were hoping for a solid start but due to communication problems (shall we say!) Dominic got run out for nought. Savaranan was next in but came back out again quite quickly after being bowled, also for nought. Fourth man in was Eddy and he stayed in for a while whilst Balaji was scoring the runs at the other end. Eddy was bowled out having only scored 2 runs. Patrick was the next batsman in and was, surprisingly, restraining himself from swinging at the ball and allowing Balaji to score most of the runs. This strategy enabled them to have a partnership of 65, with Balaji scoring 50 of them. At this point, having 65 runs in their partnership, Chantilly had high hopes of winning the match. In the end, Patrick got caught having scored a respectable 19 runs. His dad, Nick was next in and looked to carry on the family’s honour but only lasted a couple of overs, after scoring 3 runs. Jimmy came in to join Balaji but unfortunately Balaji got caught having scored a total of 70 runs. Adrian, “Slogger” Powell was next in, giving the team some hope, but Jimmy got bowled out scoring only 2 runs. Jerome was next to the crease and both he and Adrian stayed in for a couple of overs until Adrian was bowled scoring only 6 runs. There was no hope to be found in Jack either who got a golden duck. Robin was last one man in but Jerome got bowled out a couple of overs later scoring having scored a creditable 3 runs. Chantilly Cricket Club were all out for 143 off 27.4 overs.

Even though this was a defeat for CCC, a good time was had by all and Standard were a pleasure to lose to!


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