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CCC vs Nomads

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CCC vs Nomads - 29 August 2015

The mercury was already pushing past 30 by the time the Chantilly players arrived at the Apremont ground on Saturday 29th August for their annual fixture against the Nomads from England. After a fair amount of time being lost with train hiccups and communication issues, the Nomads finally arrived at the ground ready to play.

The original plan to play 35 overs starting at 13:30, soon became 30 overs starting at 14:30 and the Nomads put themselves into bat first. When asked why they chose to bat first, their reply was: "because if you bat first the game will only last an hour." The man who made this comment is hopefully now feeling a little broken inside......

Captain Robin Richardson, opened up at the polo field end, with vice-captain Regan coming in from the other polo field end. Both started well (except for Regan's first ball that was spanked for 4) and the first 6 overs only went for 20 odd, although no wickets fell.

The first bowling change brought on Patrick Clarke, which quickly proved to be a wise decision; he took out the middle stump of one Nomadic opener with a beautifully delivered ball. Saravanan, a star with the ball in his previous match, soon came on as the next change, although he only lasted two overs due to exhaustion from the heat.

Opening batsman, Jack Hardy, was now finding his rhythm, and the run rate started to rise. Chantilly had limited chances with only two catches dropped, as both batsmen mixed aggression with safety. Eventually CCC took their second wicket when Robin held on to a difficult high catch, sending a Nomad back to the 'pavillion', and giving Francis his first wicket for the Chantilly Cricket Club.

After an early and much needed drinks break, the Nomads continued to pile on runs with relative ease. Boundaries became more regular and miss-fields more common as the Chantilly players began to wilt in the heat. What they hoped would be a maximum total of 120, soon became 150, then 180, and finally reached 198; a run-rate of 6.6 per over from their 30 overs. Opener Jack Hardy clocked up a classy 113, batting for their entire innings.

Jack's delicious sandwiches and Nick Sansbury's sumptuous cakes were devoured with delight, although nowhere near as quickly as the water, which was without doubt the most popular item on the menu in the 32 degree heat. At this half way point, the beers were already looking tantilisingly good.

Nick S and Balaji were the designated Chantilly openers, and both batsmen looked in good touch early on. Unfortunately, in the 4th over, Nick sent one straight to mid off and had to make his way back to the 'dressing room'. This brought Dominic to the crease, making it to the 12th over before getting bowled for 2. Meanwhile Balaji was looking good at the other end and keeping the scroeboard ticking over nicely.

Shaban was the next batsman in, and he quickly formed a very fruitful partnership with Balaji. The next wicket didn't fall until the 20th over, with Shaban getting stumped for a very useful 40, including five 4s and a 6.

With the score now on 140 and being only 3 wickets down, Chantilly were in with a sniff. But could they make it over the line? So long as Balaji hung around, it was looking like anything coul be possible. He was seeing the ball like a balloon, and hitting to the boundary on a regular basis. Such clean hitting has possibly never been seen before in Apremont.

Chantilly still had a couple of recognised batsmen to come; the next in being Patch. Unfortunately he didn't last long, getting bowled (playing defensively though!) for a duck. Saravanan didn't last much longer, scoring only 1 before getting bowled also. CCC were now 145 for 5 and the wheels were starting to loosen.

Jimmy was the next batsman to join Balaji, with 54 still required to win from 37 balls. It was a handy partnership, with 40 runs coming from the next two overs. (only 3 of those 40 runs came from Regan by the way!) In an effort to give Balaji the strike for the next over, Regan got run out, bringing Francis to the crease. The score, 185/6. (14 required to win)

Unfortunately, Francis got bowled for 0, but not before Balaji managed to hit a 4 and a 6 to get CCC up to 195/7. (4 to win)

This brought everyone's favourite Argentinian, Roddy, to the crease. He needed to give Balaji back the strike, or just block out the next 3 deliveries. He did neither, getting bowled for 0. CCC were now 195/8. (still 4 to win)

At this point Balaji was regretting giving away the strike, and the Chantilly supporters had gone quiet.

Jack Oakley was next in, knowing that golden ducks from the last two CCC batsmen would result in a loss for CCC. Jack heroicly, and with sound technique, blocked the last two balls of the over, giving his team a chance by putting Balaji back on strike for the final over.

The last over didn't last long, with Balaji hitting the third ball to the boundary for 4, giving Chantilly an extraordinary win and probably their highest total from a 30 over innings.

And boy did the beers taste good!!!!

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